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When you're arrived  you should register documents (passport , identity card or driving license) for compliance with the law.

The apartment is reserved exclusively for the people named on the booking and is forbade the entry of unauthorized persons by the owner.

Is required the observance of the silence by the regulation of condominium act from 13:00 (1:00 PM) to 16:00 ( 4:00 PM) and from 22:00 (11:00 PM) at 8:00 am (8 : 00 AM). The sound of radio, tv, pc, ipod, dvd, etc. . should be kept low. You should not walk home with your shoes with high heels, the tone of voice should be kept low.

Guests should always check before leaving the house Melinda had not left open water taps and turn off all the lights.

It is forbidden to throw in the toilet sanitary towels, cotton buds, diskettes, make-up removers, cotton wool, and anything other than toilet paper.

No smoking in the house. Pets are not allowed .

It is absolutely forbidden to use the stove  in the bedrooms and in the lounge.

The owner reserves the right to access in the rooms for cleaning indispensable and urgent maintenance.

The owner of Casa Melinda is not responsible for any theft (robbery or other criminal activity) or damage to real or personal property left in the guest house and for any losses, physical and material damage related to the use of flat and not.

Any damage to buildings and furnishings must be paid before departure.



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